Our technicians have been providing services for over a decade and have more than 80 years of combined experience.

Engine Survey

Includes full diagnostics for electronic engines. This includes checking for all software updates. Checking for engine history downloads, if applicable. Visual inspections of all components, prior to and after sea trial. Determine if proper maintenances have been used and are up to date, per factory recommendations. Check all components leading to and from the engine and transmission, including exhaust system components as well as fuel system components. Preform an in-depth sea trial and performance testing to ensure factory specs are met. Unlike most engine surveyors, we use the latest testing capabilities by utilizing a blowby meter, which checks for internal engine wear. This is similar to a compression test on a gasoline engine. A full check of maintenance practices and proper operation will be performed on generators and transmissions. Oil analysis will be conducted by factory representative, not a generic independent lab. Reports are reviewed by our technicians and recommendations will be made based on findings.

Engine Maintenance

Can be as small as oil and filter changes up to 1,000-hour services. Engine maintenance should be performed yearly to keep your engines operating properly.

Engine Repair

Repairs ranging from as small as engine oil and coolant leaks to engine overhaul. No job to big or too small!


A cost-effective option- instead of replacement. During rebuild, we only use factory remanufactured parts, no after-market parts.


Replacement of current units with newer and better upgraded components.


We service, repair, replace and sell all major manufactures of transmissions. Transmissions should be serviced yearly per manufactures recommendations.

AfterCooler Service

Most major brands recommend servicing aftercoolers at least every 2 years or 1,000 hours. Some manufactures now recommend replacement every 6 years. We can help you determine your best options.

Winterization (Oct-Jan)

Preserve all of your boat systems during the harsh elements of winter. We use specialty products eliminating odor, taste and corrosion in all boat operating systems.

Spring Commissioning (Feb-May)

We provide a unique service, unlike most! We will check each and every component of all systems to ensure proper operation. Also making sure all systems have been brought up to date on maintenance practices.


Please ask us about any other services you’d like to have performed!